The symbolic tool for software rapid prototyping
Welcome to the ContRap homepage
What is ContRap?

ContRap is a free symbolic C/C++ software rapid prototyping environment.

ContRap utilizes the plugin-concept to manipulate native C/C++ data structures with a symbolic scripting language by calling native C/C++ procedures. Here are some ContRap features:

  • Automatic interface code generation between plugins and native C/C++ code,
  • On-the-fly library code replacement at runtime,
  • Symbolic user-level programming language,
  • Worksheet based IDE for rapid algorithm development,
  • Stand-alone scripting environment for prototype releases,
  • ContRap to C/C++ code compiler.

Read frequently asked questions about ContRap in the FAQ section.


The current release version is 1.1.4. Newer development versions are available for certain platforms:

Version 2.1.2,
Linux (Debian)

Version 1.1.4,
Mac OS (Darwin)

Version 1.1.4,
Windows (MinGW)

Read the download and installation instructions in the download and install sections.